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High Intensity Interval Training

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About Urbankick®

Kick. H.I.I.T. Educate. Innovate.

UrbanKick® is an innovative, exciting and athletic format that is taking group X schedules by storm! By expertly blending sports conditioning with kickboxing, UrbanKick® incorporates steady state cardiovascular training, metabolic boosting H.I.I.T. training and body-weight strength training for a unique and total body workout. Our format challenges your body in all planes of motion so you constantly develop strength, agility, flexibility and balance.

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UrbanKICKSASS at Crunch Fitness

UrbankicksASS launches at

This exclusive class will work your best ASSets into shape with kickboxing and HIIT drills. Check out this ASStastic class with our rockstar instructors! Check UrbankicksASS at Crunch Fitness Locations.

Check out this ASStastic class

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Rave Reviews

  • Qadriyyah Abdullah,

    Training under Shane was one of the most exciting, yet challenging things I have ever had to do as a fitness instructor, and as a student. But it has definitely payed off over the years. I have learned not only a infinitely fun and exciting way to get my cardio in, but also how to equally use both sides of my body. I remember looking back, how awkward everything was for me, leading on my right side when I am an extremely left-handed dominant person. Thanks to Shane's training, I have been able to touch so many other individuals' lives in the other gyms I currently work at, who love and appreciate urban kick just as much as I do! Thank you Shane!

  • Jessie Brown,

    "Shane is an amazing fitness instructor, and I feel very luck to have had the opportunity to train with her. The experience was both fun and rigorous, and opened many doors for me to explore my passion for teaching fitness. Shane really pushes her trainees to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses as instructors and I'm convinced that, because of this, the students that she trains go on to be superior instructors. Even now, three years after training with Shane, I frequently find myself thinking of the advice and pointers that she gave me, and I continue to draw from what I learned to push myself to be a better instructor every time that I teach."

  • Sharon Poczter,

    Training with Shane felt like participating in the American Idol for kickboxing; it was both rigorous and exciting. This was a testament to how seriously she takes providing outstanding fitness to the public. This, coupled with her as an amazing teaching example to aspire to, help set the bar very high for me for where I want to go with my fitness teaching.

  • Shaw-Chin Chiu,

    "My fitness career and journey to a healthier me all started with Shane. Her kickboxing class was the first time I ever realized that you can get a butt kickin' workout while still having fun! She is not only the best kickboxing instructor and trainer out there but also a role model to many including myself. I begged her to train me to be a kickboxing instructor, and she graciously agreed to do so. Shane pushed me outside me outside of my comfort zone and gave me a fun space to test my limits! My first steady teaching gig was with UrbanKick. Now, 30 pounds lighter, I continue to aspire to push myself further, to be like Shane!"

  • Karen Liu,

    Shane Barnard is one fun, spunky fire-ball Her energy is never-ending, her classes are always amazing and you WILL get worked. I always loved the burn I felt during and after class. She's a dynamite!

  • Suzanne B.,

    I recently was a guest at UC Berkeley and I purchased a day pass and attended a fantastic class with an instructor named Shane. It was the absolute best cardio kickbox class I have ever taken and it kicked my ____! I would love to learn the moves that Shane incorporated into the the Charlie Chan and others that have names I cannot recall. Can you ask her if she knows of any DVD that I can purchase to learn and practice the moves? I live back EAST and would like to find a class of that caliber once I am more familiar with the moves! Thank you so much for your help. Instructors like Shane surely leave a great impression!!

  • Pam @ Fitness SF (San Francisco),

    Thank you so very much for bringing your talent, charisma, knowledge, larger than life personalities, and presentation skills to our SoMa Gym today, Shane and Miwa. I would describe the training as "amazing, incredible, awesome"...but those descriptors are dim compared with the bright joy, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm you inspired in the participants. You let every one of us shine! What a gift! Our teachers and trainers loved every minute. My wish is for a continued, and more comprehensive partnership with you both. Big hug of appreciation!


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You can now KICK, HIIT & SWEAT with team Urbankick anytime, anywhere! Follow an UrbanKick workout from phone, tablet, or computer anywhere and anytime YOU want to workout. Check out our workout videos at

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. “

- // Arthur Ashe, Professional Tennis Player, 1943-1993

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