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California - Northern


Location: UC Berkeley, Rec. Sports Facility
Mon at 6:30pm | Miwa Natsuki
Tue at 6:45pm | Pratima Satish
Thu at 9:45am | Shannon Nguyen
Thu at 6:45pm | Jenna Bernard
Fri at 9am | Shane Barnard
Sun at 9:15am (45min) | Anne McMillan


Location: Star Aquatics and Fitness
Sun at 10:30am | Arielle Calugay


Location: Fitness SF Oakland
Thurs at 5:30pm | Miwa Natsuki
Sat at 8am | Jimmy Dinh

Oakland // Alameda

Location: Mariner Square Athletic Club
Wed at 6:30pm | Jimmy Dinh
Sat at 9:30am | Patty Lyons

San Francisco

Location: Fitness SF Castro
Mon & Thu at 6:30pm | Daniel Santero
Wed at 6:35pm | Jenna Bernard
Location: Fitness SF Market Square
Tues at 12pm | Shane Barnard
Wed at 5:30pm | Miwa Natsuki
Thurs at 12pm | Jimmy Dinh

San Jose

Retro Fitness

Location: Retro Fitness
Tue at 7:05pm | Arielle Calugay
Sat at 10:00am | Arielle Calugay

Santa Rosa

Location: Sonoma County Family YMCA
Mon at 10:05am | Merritt Wright
Sun at 10:30am | Merritt Wright

California - Southern

Los Angeles

Location: USC, Lyons Center
Tue at 4:30pm | Jean Alupay





Location: Get Pulsed Studios
Tue at 7:30pm | Alana Sanders



Location: North Lexington Family YMCA
Mon at 6:30pm | Alison Stagner
Wed at 6:30pm | Alison Stagner


Location: Club Fit Studio
Wed at 5:30pm | Desiree Harmon
Sat at 10am | Desiree Harmon



Location: Burn Fitness Studios
Mon at 7:15pm | Joseph Raccuglia
Thu at 6:15pm | Joseph Raccuglia
Location: Republic Fitness
Fri at 11:45am | Joseph Raccuglia


St. Louis

Location: Club Fitness | Lemay Ferry
Thu at 6:00am | Laura Campbell

New Mexico


Location: NMJC Del Norte Fitness Center
Tue at 5:15am | Elena Ray
Thu at 5:15am | Lorna Jackson
Sat at 9am | Elena Ray & Lorna Jackson

New Jersey
New York


Location: Cornell
Noyes Community Recreation Center

Mon at 6pm | Funmi Adebayo
Tue at 6:30pm | Sharon Poczter
Thu at 6:30pm | Sharon Poczter
Sun at 5:30pm | Funmi Adebayo





Location: Retro Fitness
Tue at 5:30pm | Desireé Caldwell
Location: Club Metro USA – South Philly
Thurs at 6am | Nicolette D’Alonzo
Sat at Noon | Nicolette D’Alonzo

Location: Weston Fitness
Thu at 5:30pm | Desiree’ Caldwell
Location: Hooked on Fitness
Mon at 7pm | Michelle Tepel Pallozzi
Wed at 7pm | Lenny Goins

Location: Chestnut Hill Church
Sat at 9am | Lenny Goins


Location: Total Body 3D
Mon at 6pm | Debbie Hedges
Sat at 10am | Debbie Hedges


Location: Easter Lycoming YMCA
Tue at 4:30pm | Megan Bowman, Elise Allen
Wed at 10am | Lauren Gummo
Thu at 10:15am | Megan Bowman
Fri at 9am | Elisa Allen

Jersey Shore

Location: Jersey Shore YMCA
Wed at 6pm | Katie Ely


Location: Williamsport YMCA
Tue at 5:30pm | Filicia Brewer


Johnson City

Location: Exhale Fitness Studio
Wed at 6:15pm | Hannah Wilcox

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