KICK & HIIT Workout to Crush Calories!

This Cardio Kickboxing Workout Will Make Calories Wish They Had Never Been Born.

Ready to sweat? Shane Barnard, creator of Urbankick workouts at Crunch Fitness, designed an intense at-home workout just for you.

“This 20-minute cardio kickboxing and HIIT workout will crush calories,” Shane told POPSUGAR. “Combining punches and kicks with lower-body HIIT drills will work your entire body and rev your metabolism.” Here’s how it works: you’ll warm up (instructions below), and then use a timer (either on your phone, with an app, or using a watch) to complete each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 15-second break between each move. Repeat the circuit for a total of two times.

“Your goal is to perform the exercises at a moderate pace by safely repeating the moves with full range of motion. You can increase or decrease your intensity by adjusting your pace,” she said.

Warm-Up: OK, for the warmup — 15 seconds each:

Standing torso rotations
Arm circles forward
Arm circles backward
Arm criss-cross
Reverse lunges
Knees up
Butt kickers
Lateral lunges

All done? Let’s get to work.

The Workout: Go to link —> TORCH CALORIES NOW!