Is Cardio Kickboxing the New Black?

The cardio kickboxing workout has come and gone, (and come and gone), but what is the future of this workout? Is it destined to fade out or is it experiencing a new wave of energy and popularity? Is cardio kickboxing the new black?

To gain perspective on what cardio kickboxing or boxing inspired workouts have become, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane for historical context.

Where It All Began (sorta)

From a group exercise perspective, our first memory of cardio kickboxing was most likely Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Developed by Mr. Blanks, Tae Bo became one of the best selling workout videos during the 1990’s and catapulted cardio kickboxing as a fun and effective workout for the mass public without traditional martial arts training. As a result, gyms started to offer cardio kickboxing classes and instructors began adding this format to their skill set. Many became certified in Tae Bo while others taught a freestyle kickboxing class creating their own content.

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