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The Urbankick Online Certification Course is your step-by-step guide to becoming a cardio kickboxing fitness instructor. This self paced course expertly blends the practical and theoretical education necessary to teach a cardio kickboxing class and will teach you all of the techniques, class design, and necessary skills to teach Urbankick with SWAGGER! The course is set over 8 weeks but can be modified to support your pace.

Course will cover the fundamentals of:

+Proper Punch and Kick Technique
+Class Design & Programming
+Basic Anatomy and Physiology
+The Science of Cardiorespiratory Training
+Self Efficacy Theory
+Class Safety
+Instructor Best Practices

With your registration you will receive:

+Urbankick Instructor Workbooks
+Music Mix (Download)
+Informative Instructional Videos
+Easy Quizzes to Support Your Education
+Expert and Individualized Feedback on Your Progress
+CECs available for NASM & AFAA

Ongoing mentoring and support:

+Urbankick Video Library with 60+ Videos
+Membership into Facebook Instructor Group
+Newsletters with Class Design Tips

What people are saying:

“I completed the Urbankick online training course 110% ready to teach my own class. Shane’s videos are clear, concise and easy to follow. I also appreciated the opportunity to receive thoughtful, personalized feedback–something that is not always easy to get in a one-day training workshop. The ability to go at your own pace through the course is a huge plus, and I learned tips and techniques that I’ve already applied to additional formats I teach. Proud to be a part of the Urbankick family!” — Carolyn Mues, St. Louis, MO

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