Urbankick launches their signature boxing fitness program, UBOX!

UBOX is the newest instructor training course that offers both live and online education for fitness professionals. This dynamic and athletic interval training workout combines our signature Urbankick punching combinations on a heavy bag with athletic sports conditioning drills for the ultimate knock-out workout.

The course is your step-by-step guide to teaching UBOX in any gym, studio or facility. Our simple plug and play class design is adaptable to any setting and will create a new and dynamic workout for your community. We currently offer live training workshops and will launch our full online instructor training course in early 2020!


This full body workout delivers a serious KO and will have your class participants feeling strong, empowered and boxing like the pros.


Punch Combos + Athletic Drills = CHAMPION!

During the one-day live training you will learn

  • Proper hand wrapping technique
  • Proper punch technique on the bag
  • Proper footwork
  • How to coach, teach, and execute HIIT athletic drills
  • The health benefits of a fitness boxing workout
  • Instructor best practices
  • How to design and teach a UBOX class

What to expect the day of the training

  • UBOX Master Class
  • Technique Workshop
  • Class Design Practice
  • Group Demonstrations

Walk away with

  • UBOX Instructor Manual
  • UBOX Class Design Workbook
  • Access to Online Video Library
  • Access to Music Playlist
  • 4 + Class Designs Ready to Teach
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Strong Community of Fitness Professionals
We provide gloves and hand wraps for participants to use and/or purchase the day of the training.

Registration Pricing

$229: Registration + Manual + Workbook
$299: Registration + Manual Workbook + Gloves & Hand Wraps

Do you want to learn more about the UBOX certification?